the vermins
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vermin exterminator (free multiplayer game)
15.04.2004 | Added tutorials section
In this section we will add small tutorials on LWJGL, OpenGL and OpenAL. Basically we are going to explain the useage of classes that we implemented and how they make life easier.
10.04.2004 | Website is now available in English, German und 'Google German'
We converted the Vermin ExTerminator website into a Content Management System and translated it into German. 'Google German' is just for fun because we tested the Google translation (from English into German) and the result was very funny.
03.04.2004 | Vermin ExTerminator goes open source.
We decided to make Vermin ExTerminator not only free but also open source. We hope to find participants that design maps, develop weapons, improve the 'physics engine' or add new game features.
02.04.2004 | Thanks to Crew42.
Crew42 (the developers of Jetmen) allowed us to use the their game maps.
01.04.2004 | Multi-player mod is in alpha version.
We are now able to open a host and clients can join the game. A new weapon was introduced: rocket launcher. The biggest problem turned out to be the destructable environment and the need of synchronization over network. It works fine for desert eagle, ak47 and the grenade explosion. But the small flames and glow objects produced by grenade explosion have synchronization problems.
22.03.2004 | Single-player mod is in alpha version.
The vermin (worm) is now able to run, jump and shoot. There are three weapons: desert eagle, ak47 and grenade. The environment is totally destructable but the vermin is still unbreakable :)
03.03.2004 | The project started.
We decided to use Java, OpenGL and OpenAL for maximum crossplatform compatibility. The LWJGL library turned out to be the right choice. It proviedes an simple and fast interface to OpenGL and OpenAL. Furthermore LWJGL supports some fundamental functions for game developers, for example an high resolution timer (hres timer).
03.02.2004 | The idea was born.
On this historic day we took the decision to develop a free realtime multiplayer game. Our role models were Gernerally, Liero, Jetmen and Worms. We dreamed of something like:
  • Worms, but realtime.
  • Liero, but with better, higher resolution graphics.
  • Jetmen, but with up to 8 players over LAN.