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The software comes without any warranty. You use it at your own risk. In no event shall the developers or publishers of this software be liable for any damages arising out of the use of this software.
Vermin ExTerminator is free software. You may freely distribute the game as long as the README.TXT is included unchanged in the distribution. You may not sell the game or otherwise profit from distributing it, any parts of the game, images, sounds or parts of the source code.
Attention: Vermin ExTerminator is only in alpha stage!
Currently Vermin ExTerminator is not a ready game. There are many known bugs:
  • synchronization problems during network game
  • worms can't die (or positively said the worms are unbreakable)
Nevertheless these problems should not prevent you from testing the game. Please give us feedback on installation and game play experiences.
Download Vermin ExTerminator
To run Vermin ExTerminator you will need to get the Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 and the LWJGL binaries for your operating system. (Older versions of Java should work too but have not been tested. Please send us feedback on your experiences.)

By clicking on a download link you agree to all the above terms!

Windows: Other operating systems: Source code:
Installation / Running Vermin ExTerminator
Assuming that you have put the class files and LWJGL binaries together into one directory, for example VerminExTerminator/. Now the directory should look something like: (.dll files only if you use Windows)
Run the game:
  • change directory to VerminExTerminator/ and run the game using java
    java -cp lwjgl.jar;lwjgl_test.jar;. jworms/JWorms host

  • The argument host is necessary. If you leave it out the programm will start searching for an open game and it will fail if there is no Vermin ExTerminator host in your LAN.
Network game:
  • open a game as host:
    java -cp lwjgl.jar;lwjgl_test.jar;. jworms/JWorms host

  • join a game on LAN:
    java -cp lwjgl.jar;lwjgl_test.jar;. jworms/JWorms
Compiling the sources:
  • compile the class files (please replace [?] by the path to lwjgl)
    javac -classpath [?]/lwjgl.jar;[?]/lwjgl_test.jar;. jworms/

  • after compiling put the class files, contents of runtime and LWJGL binaries together in one directory (see above) and enjoy the game