the vermins


Here we will collect tutorials on some useful Vermin ExTerminator classes. The focus will be the usage of LWJGL for OpenGL and OpenAL.
15.04.2004 | OpenAL tutorial
This is a basic OpenAL tutorial that explains the use of jworm.openal.* package. It demonstrates how to create multiple OpenAL sound sources and play sounds simultaneously. Additionally the sound sources are moved to have a 3D sounds effect.
15.04.2004 | BigTexture tutorial added.
BigTexture helps you to handle very big textures (> 512x512) like landscapes. Normally OpenGL can only load images whose width and height are 64, 128, 256 or 512. BigTexture can load images of any size. If the images are too big they will automatically be split into smaller tiles. The second advantage of BigTexture is that it loads only the currently visible tiles into graphics card memory, so it is able to handle images that are too big to fit into your graphics card memory.